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Shoutout to New Grandparents!

Thank you to all the new Grandmas & Grandpas out there!! Surprise the new parents & new grand baby with a “Welcome home Stork”!! I've had the pleasure of speaking to new grandmas and grandmas welcoming their 8th grandchild. It is all the same; the excitement is the palpable! I always congratulate them first and every time they give a resounding " I'm a grandma (again)"!! Its almost like they just had another baby themselves! To all grandma's and grandpa's; you are invaluable!! From your advice to new parents, your unconditional love and of course to spoiling your grandchildren, I salute you!! I am thankful to my mom, even with the distance, the love is around us always!!

If you are a proud new grandparent please contact Krissy at Happy Days Signs of Celebrations to rent your personalized stork. By phone or email: 414-301-1626 or

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